How do you move office (furniture)?

Is your office moving or do you need to transport office furniture? Then you have a lot of work ahead of you. An office often consists of several sets of furniture, computers and important storage, which must be transported as securely as possible. We tell you how best to arrange this.

Moving office and office furniture

The relocation of an office must be done as accurately and quickly as possible. A move causes many disruptions in work. Of course you want to limit that as much as possible, even if it is only a small move. Think of work that has been stopped for a longer period of time or deadlines that are not met. Does it always have to be a complete relocation? Certainly not. Also think of a selection of office furniture that is brought to a storage or of the delivery of a desk for that new colleague at the office.

Make a clear relocation plan

Without a clear relocation plan, you will soon notice that it is becoming a mess. Help is called in too late and boxes and rubbish pile up. Not what your staff is waiting for! Make decisions and make a clear plan in advance. Choose a week or day to move the office furniture and arrange help far in advance. This way, the move is completed as quickly as possible.

Label the boxes

When all the boxes have finally arrived at their destination, it is of course nice to know which items are in the boxes. You don’t have to think about looking through all the boxes before you can put them in the right place! In addition, by labeling the boxes, you also know whether you should be extra careful with them or not. You treat a box with pillows slightly differently than a box with glasses. Examples of good labels? Equipment, computer screens, decoration, office supplies, folders… and so on. Do you have a larger office? It is also useful to note in advance where the items should be placed. Such as a kitchen, department or room. Saves you all a lot of hassle!

Arrange reliable help

When moving the office, it can be easy to find important items, such as expensive equipment or important documents. Of course you want nothing to happen to this and you want it to end up in the right place through reliable help. In that case you can easily arrange your transport via Direct Transport. Choose the transport that best suits your move and have the items transported safely from A to B. Your belongings will arrive safely and neatly, and for a good price!

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